Tuesday, August 12, 2014

White Roses and Shells:oil painting by Cathyann Burgess

A Water Colored Moment©2014 20x20 oil on canvas framed $920 Stewart Gallery

Hot town in the summertime! This image transports me to the seaside giving me cool breezy feelings and nostalgic memories.
It is at Stewart Gallery for the summer waiting for a home.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Feeling Crabby watercolor by Cathyann Burgess

Ghost Crab©2014C.L.Burgess watercolor 11x14  Box Boutique, White Stone VA.

I spent two lovely days with friends at Windmill Pt near White Stone Va after delivering some work to the Box boutique.  This ghost crab, a recent painting, was just the thing that fits that environment as they sure do love crabbing! Ghost crabs are pretty common on the east coast beaches, but the best eating kind are the soft shells that are the locals' favorites.

I like crab meat but am not the sort that likes fighting with my food, so I buy the meat already to eat instead. My friend laughed and said that it was an acquired art for sure and often a tradition in families, which obviously mine did not follow.

Still fun to observe and paint, however.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Making a splash #16 Watercolor Roses by Cathyann Burgess

Better Yet©2014 C.L.Burgess 11x14 watercolor $350

I know , I know…am dating myself here.
Remember the song Lollipops and Roses by Jack Jones?
Somehow that came to mind as I painted this.
Therein the title "Better, Yet"

ah, perchance to dream of that voice again.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Making A Splash #15 Landscape by Cathyann Burgess

Red Tee Morning©C.L.Burgess watercolor 10x10

On the last day visiting in the Blue Ridge area of NC, I woke up to yet another lovely phenomema of that area.  The previous evening had a decent rainstorm that gave rise to this light fog lifting in the distance beyond my room.
Of course, I rearranged a bit of the scene to suit, but basically I got the feeling that I wanted. Our friends live on a golf course and this is what I saw from my window before I left for Richmond.
Still battling my heavy oil painter hand.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making a splash#14 Parrot/Macaw by Cathyann Burgess

Political Paulo©2014 C.L.Burgess 11x 16 watercolor

This is a true story that I remembered as I painted this guy . When I was about eight years old, the first parrot I ever encountered scared me silly when he screamed out "I'm a Republican!" as I innocently approached him. My introduction to politics. Go figure.

This is a macaw. I saw him at the Easter parade in Richmond perched on a man's arm being petted by a little girl. I took his photo for later use. I have been experimenting with different techniques and thought that this textured pattern a better fit than reality.

This is the latest addition to my bird images. I may try some more exotic birds. The colors are scrumptious, even though the politics are suspect. LOL

Monday, July 07, 2014

Making a splash #13 Yellow Daylily:watercolor painting by Cathyann Burgess

A Yellow Summer Kiss©2014 C.L.Burgess 11x15 w/c

Hot as Hades already out there in my garden! Done with yardwork,
I am painting the day lilies and will soon give a go to the Hibiscus.
I also have a commission for roses that I am giving thought to, at the moment. 
Today's post is called A Yellow Summer Kiss because it is so softly rendered, and such a fragile flower.
Here and gone like a kiss.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Making a Splash #11 Bunny Girl by Cathyann Burgess

Bunny Girl ©2014 12 x 15 watercolor nfs

Watching soccer is nerve racking…so I painted this bunny while at break from the nail biting.

My granddaughter is a " Bunny " loving girl and again painting this made me think of her.
I bought Jeanne Haines' DVD Amazing Ways with Watercolor and it is great to have a workshop instructor at home!
I am trying all her exercises to get to trust the transparency of watercolor given the tendency I have, as in my Adrift in Blue and Hollyhocks, to go opaque.

I also like introducing some pencil drawing into the work.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Making a splash #10 Adrift in Blues part 2 by Cathyann Burgess

Adrift in Blues©2014 C.L.Burgess  11x16 Water media

Told you so!…
The transformation of the image has been achieved. The phrase "Taking on water" that I began my post with earlier gave me the idea to take the image down a different path. I just kept pouring and removing, then using gouache, spraying and splattering until I was exhausted. 
Kinda like fighting the waves!

During the process, I did chores and painted a bunny. 
Go figure. 
The bunny will come online tomorrow.

Making a splash #10 Adrift in Blues by Cathyann Burgess

Adrift in Blues - unfinished watercolor- an image prompt and metaphor 12 x 15

So "making a splash"series is keeping me in that area of discomfort enough to want to keep at it.
Not all days involve "play"-ful attitude. Some are just filled with dogged perseverance.
I feel like the person in the boat….hanging in there as the storm approaches, certain I will come through the rough patches, land is in sight but it might take a 'white knuckle' while.

I read somewhere in my research that watercolor is the easiest of mediums. Not sure I agree. Or, it could be that my oil painter's inclination to hamfistedness is preventing me from letting the water flow as it will, naturally.
Impatience begets mistakes, er, happy accidents?, new discoveries?
I find I ache for abstraction, the simple essence of my perceptions to come out on the page, which is why I chose to work in watercolor again.

Anyway, this image will undergo change. Of that I am certain.
There are some good things going on,
just not enough yet.

Come back later and see.

I am hanging on for the ride.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Making a splash #9 In the pink: Hollyhocks by Cathyann Burgess

Pink Hollyhocks©5x16 watercolor and gouache $175 unframed

While rummaging through photos of previous visits to gardens in different vacation spots today,
 I found some of these flowers and played a little with the interpretation.