Sunday, June 28, 2015

Western US Pastel landscape

Sky above the Foothills 2015 C.L.Burgess pastel on Uart 400 9x12

I visited my family in Denver this past week.
I also got to visit Terry Ludwig Pastels. I met Terry and Co and got the tour of the shop where he makes his pastels. What fun!
Of course I purchased more colors. Then I did this plein air piece.
Great views of the Rockies foothills from my son's home.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Waterfall in pastel

Overcast at Looking Glass 2015 C.L.Burgess 11x14 Pastel on Uart

Newest work: one of the many waterfalls in Transylvania County.
Rain or shine the views are just fine!

Sennelier soft pastel on Uart400

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Water Hazard

The Water Hazard at 8 2015 C.L.Burgess 12 x 16 pastel on UArt paper

I have completed another pastel painting in my series of Cummings Cove Golf Course.
This hole is precarious at best, though some have holed in one it. Still, the balls in the water outnumber the ones in the cup.

Friday, June 05, 2015

National Donut Day? Portrait of a donut

Westhampton donut  oil 6x8 on panel

My contribution to the celebration. Yes, I paint food on occasion. These are perhaps the finest donuts ever made. Worth every trip to the hips! Westampton Bakery in Richmond, VA

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Welcoming Sky

This Exit 2015 C.L.Burgess 18x24 Pastel on UArt400 paper

I think I need more pastels! I am working on larger paintings on sanded paper and the colors are quickly disappearing. Bet that excuse is one that pastelists often to justify spending money on more colors. I am definitely in love with this medium. I love my new Terry Ludwig sets I received for my birthday.

This sky was what greeted us on our entrance into the state of North Carolina last October. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

While Walking: a landscape in pastel

Valley View 2015C.L.Burgess  terry Ludwig/Sennelier pastels on sanded paper

While following a friend's journey walking across England, I was inspired to do this piece from one of the many photos they are sharing. I have used the major layout but changed the colors to suit my own intentions. I did this with Terry Ludwig pastels and some Senneliers.
pastel on sanded paper
Valley View

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Common Ground: North Carolina State Wide Juried Pastel Exhibit

The Art Shop in Greensboro,NC was the venue for the the State Wide Juried Pastel Exhibit 
into which two of my paintings were juried. 
Teresa Saia was the judge and was just so nice a person to meet. Also from her, to hear how outstanding the competitors were and how hard it was to select the pieces she did for the show. Her encouragement and validation were very much appreciated by the attendees at the opening last Saturday night. The show continues until June 16 2015.

That is me with one of my paintings above and the bottom photo of Ms. Saia speaking to the guests.
the post about my entries is here:

 All three North Carolina pastel societies, The Pastel Society of North Carolina , The Appalachian Pastel Society and the Piedmont Pastel Society, have collaborated on the 4th Annual North Carolina Statewide Juried Pastel Exhibition, On Common Ground: 2015 Pastel Paintings from the Mountains to the Sea.  

Sunday, May 03, 2015

End of Day Landscape Blue Ridge

Day's End May1©2015C.l.Burgess pastel on erst a 6x14 plein air

I was involved in other "painting" activities yesterday with The Habitat Women of Cummings Cove. I now proudly own a pink t shirt testifying to a day spent painting the walls of a new homeowners' house in Flat Rock, NC. Women Build Week for Habitat for Humanity began and it was gratifying and fun to take part. 

This other 'painting' was done the evening before. 

Today I rest.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Plein Air Landscape WNC

Sunday's Shifting Light©2015C.L.Burgess 12 x 16 pastel on Rives bfk grey

Painted outside yesterday morning.
Coffee in hand I went to my porch outside my studio and just was taken in by the changing light patterns on the mountains in the distance. I put the cup down and lifted the pigments and did not stop for over 2 hours. Shee joy in the act of painting. Great start to the day!

I used some old printmaking paper to try and see if I could get the effect I wanted to convey the softness of a gray day, while the light played peek a boo over the distant hills here in WNC.
I used my new Terry Ludwig set and  a few sticks from my Sennelier set. I was pleased with the buttery feels as the colors danced across the paper.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sun Dancing: Remembrance

The Sun Dance©2015 C.L.Burgess

Sometimes a little play is called forth to wash away the blues.

Remembering the friends we lost this week, their families who mourn, and others as they pass from this earth slowly. A toast to their life with us and the promise that they rest in peace.

I found a piece of printmaking paper that had  a ghost image on it and decided to use the composition for this energetic pastel drawing. I was very sad about a friend's illness and another who passed recently. What I really wanted was to slash away mindlessly but in the end took control and birthed these flowers from my mind's eye instead. How lucky to be able to channel grief to a positive end. It was a prayer of sorts rather than anger.
A friend reminded me of how Manet used his last days to paint the flowers his friends brought to him as he lay dying. What a gift that was from her, to tie me to the larger family of artistry to which I am fortunate to belong.

The Sun Dance
pastel drawing on paper
14 x 20