Monday, October 02, 2017

Asheville Gallery of Art Show, North Carolina

Grounded: Landscapes Real and Imagined
I had the pleasure of speaking with visitors upon finishing with the hanging of my show yesterday. I love to talk about technique and reasons I make my artwork. Left the gallery feeling exhausted but satisfied with my display. Bring on the wine this Friday and more clients!

Elemental Force pastel 24 x18
©️2017 C.L.Burgess

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cathyann Burgess-Open Studio Tour Hendersonville NC

©️2017Winter Hill 12x12 cold wax and oil on cradled panel

It has been a busy studio year for me! Back to back show opportunities presented themselves and sales have followed and I just keep painting away with delight. My upcoming foray into the world of the open studio stroll that many cities have is upon me and I am feverishly gathering up lists of paintings, cards, demo supplies and signs for the event which is next week.
 the piece above is what I am currently using for my ads in the paper.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Off the Rails : Abstraction

Preventing madness by making art. Abstraction serves this purpose well. Also preparing for another show in October. Part 2 of Grounded:Landscapes Real and Imagined at Asheville Gallery of Art.
Off the Rails
12x9 soft pastel & graphite uart400

Friday, June 23, 2017

Waterfall landscape in oil

                                     Little Falls ©2017 oil on wood 20 x 20 sold

This is one of 33 paintings in a one woman show I have up presently in Mills River, NC
Many of my paintings are born of smaller plein air sketches from sites I visit with friends and other painters.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Remembering: plein air sky

There is something about the open sky and water sounds that invite contemplation about the greater mysteries of this world and our place in it. Each year upon returning you know that life moves on and we move with it and within it ad infinitum. There is comfort in that knowledge.

I made this in memory of a dear friend. I felt her spirit in the sky. Peace and happy memories live within.
There are people who come into one's life in passing and then there are people who come and make one's life rich.

Sea Sky Solace
8x10 pastel uart
©2017 C.L.Burgess

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ode to Spring:Cherry Blossoms

Ahh how lovely 
the cherry blossoms!

new work at Art on 4th Ave NW
Hendersonville, NC
12x12 oil on panel
©2017 C.L.Burgess

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Abstract landscape in pastel:Treading Rough Terrain

Treading Rough Terrain
soft pastel on Uart 400

It's a long, long road......🎤

What an appropriate song for these times.
If I were to write that I have been in and out of reality lately , I bet many would join me in saying so. Yes, metaphorically speaking you could say that. But in reality, tbt, mine anyway, that also refers to 'how' I am painting. 
I would like to share this image that grew out of work I am doing in oil and cold wax. I can't neglect my pastels. (see more of my other work in other media at my website)
Do you like working in series? I am finding that it has been enriching in so many ways and freeing,too. I have several begun to keep my winter days filled with joy in painting.

It sure is Windy

NNW 50mph
24hx20w acrylic

Against the Wind.....older now but still...🎤
Another new studio piece🖌 I seem to have built a steady series about this so far, including works addressing the theme created in pastels,oil cold wax, and acrylic. Great exhilaration and relief to be so focused on one idea. (Next goal: to have a one woman show.)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Landscape in Acrylic : A Moment of Grace

A Moment of Grace©2017 C.L.Burgess
Available at Asheville Gallery of Art

Often when I speak with other painters, they share the notion that sometimes, when we are so focused on the creative act, it appears that we are just an instrument, like the brush or palette knife we wield. That somehow when the work is complete, you are aware of some power that you were part of,  but not truly the director. I look at those times as moments of grace. Hence the title of this image.

This is my newest large piece. It is a work in acrylic derived from a plein air sketch I did last year of the skies right outside my home in Western North Carolina. The Blue Ridge is truly blue at times. I never take this ability to see for granted.
Peace and grace infuse my being when being in the outdoors, witnessing the magic and majesty of the land and sky. This, only a moment to be remembered forever.

I often listen to talk radio or lectures on YouTube while I paint. Of late, I have been enchanted with the works of the late John O'Donohue.
I wish I can remember who it was that got me to listen to him or know of his books. I am ever grateful to this unknown person( I suspect another artist online). The one book I own is called Beauty:The Invisible Embrace. The interview that I often listen too is from NPR's On Being with Krista Tippett.  I am grateful to be able to have my studio haven graced with his voice.
As we are witness to so much global and domestic tumult lately, I especially regard his words as opportunities to become still and listen deeply, and in that stillness allow the human capacity for creation to emerge, making connection to the larger spirit that envelops us. The call to nourish our spirit with the beautiful whether in words, film, painting, dance, nature is of utmost necessity. It is where hope lies.

As I close my thougts this morning, I wish to proffer one more person's viewpoint about what artistic endeavors can provide for us.
When I was a public school art teacher, I was inspired by the writings of Edmund Burke Feldman, Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor of Art at the University of Georgia.  He was revered by many an art student teacher. His writings on the experience of art, on the philosophy of art, and history of art are legendary.
Becoming Human Through Art was a tome on the aesthetic experience. 
The title alone is enough to get ones synapses firing, isn't it? 

A Moment of Grace can be seen and purchased at Asheville Gallery of Art, Asheville NC.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Long Division" Abstract : Smiles Happen

Long Division study ©2016 C.L.Burgess 
pastel on sanded paper Uart 7x9  nfs

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Well, what to my wondering eyes did appear? My painting, one of ten picks for November Terrific Pastls by artist Gail Sibley. And this heart warming 'atta girl' kind of present from afar: her first sentence to introduce my work:"Every time I see this piece by Cathyann Burgess, I smile." 

This past week I was pleasantly surprised to find my artwork appear on Gail Sibley's How to Pastel Blog. Follow the link and you can see why I am honored and humbled to be among her picks this past month. More later....stay dry and warm my friends.

Asheville Gallery of Art Show, North Carolina

Grounded: Landscapes Real and Imagined I had the pleasure of speaking with visitors upon finishing with the hanging of my show yesterda...

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