Monday, February 04, 2019

Winter Landscape: February Light

  February Light 
16x22 pastel on uart400 paper
©️2019 C.L.Burgess

I often find myself distracted by the beauty just outside my studio doors. Yesterday while I was trying to organize and tidy up I saw this and just had to relinquish the broom and pick up the pastels.
So much for plans... but what a nice remembrance of the eve.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Landscape: Light Upstream

©️2019 C.L.Burgess  Light Upstream 22x28 oil on canvas

With my mother’s funeral behind me, I am tenderly approaching the easel again. She made it possible for me to do what I love most, so it is reasonable to continue to work on my painting. How wonderful to lose my sadness however briefly through my work.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hidden Pathway: oil and cold wax landscape Painting

©️2018 C.L.Burgess
Hidden Pathway 
24x18 oil/coldwax on cradled panel

Ironically, as I painted this scene, during all this mess with Hurricane Florence, I was thinking of my beautiful forested backyard in Richmond VA and how my home escaped damaged but my idyllic forest was decimated during hurricane Isabelle back in '03. And now Florence touched the city with tornadoes! Luckily not as much damaged occurred with the exception of one known fatality, sadly enough. We have a new way of life to contend with as our climate changes. No longer can take things for granted.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sandburg House Plein Air

©️2018 C.L.Burgess 
Tucked In    8x10 pastel on Uart400

A great morning spent with the Asheville Plein At the Carl Sandburg home.
I sheltered under the tree canopy at the bottom of the hill beneath his house in a light rain and finished this little piece on site. There is nothing like being outdside and enjoying the color of summertime.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Landscape: an eye towards the hill

An Eye to the Hills
22x28 oil on canvas
©️2018 C.L.Burgess

Advantages to living in the countryside, from a NYC woman's perspective: peace and vistas like this. 
Loving WNorthCarolina.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Channeling Boudin: a study of clouds

Postcard painting#4:
Channeling Boudin: a study of clouds
Soft pastel 6x8 on uart 400
©️2018 C.L.Burgess
Today my head was in the clouds.
One of the most appealing Impressionists for me is Eugene Boudin 1824-1898. he is one of the first painters to paint en plein air. Largely self taught, his landscapes captured incomparable skies in paint. He was considered mainly a marine painter, being the son of a ship's captain.
I have studied his work close up many times while living in Richmond, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. Not a white cloud to be found in his paintings. Just marvelous colors! Landscape painters should really take a close look at is work.
Being at the beach here in Florida has given me an opportunity to study cloud formations over the sea like he did.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Postcards from Florida:Palm Sunday pastel painting

Postcards form Florida#3
Palm Sunday
6x8 soft pastels 
Spending a quiet day examining the texture of palm trees again with my new set of MountVision Company's soft pastels. They are so rich in color, a good size handmade pastel, rolled to perfection. Perfect for the pastel artist's addiction!
Great service at the Store in Tampa, Florida, by Tamesha who is Karl Kelly's right hand.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Just Enough Blue: pastel landscape

       Just Enough Blue   Pastel on sanded paper
       ©️2018 C.L.Burgess      Asheville Gallery of Art

Do you ever think about how one titles a painting? As an artist, I get asked that question often. 
And I have no one pat answer or formula to help me decide. Most often it comes to me after the painting is finished or in the act itself, a notion pops up. This is how this work was named.
Funny, the moments one recalls. 
Since I spend much of my time in contemplative, solitary sacred space in my studio, I often think of the people who have departed this life yet live on in me through sweet memories. I really liked as well as loved my father in law.
He passed over 30 years ago, and came alive to me with his kind smile as I painted this scene of one of the many fields and farms where I now live. Rog Sr. loved going for walks with us and his grandchildren and traveling in general. He lived in Syracuse N.Y. which can have some pretty bleak days weather wise much of the year, so on the days where blue peaked through the clouds of upstate N.Y. he would remark “just enough blue today to make a Dutchman his pants”.  Hence the choice for my title.

Makes me smile. And I think he would have also.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Winter Morning Colors: Landscape in pastel

Winter Morning Colors
pastel on on sanded paper

Rainy winter days allow me to work on landscape paintings more commonly beautifully is time of year, such as this morning not too long ago. It is at Asheville Gallery of Art .

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Plein aire snow painting

The trouble with working in my studio late in the afternoon is that I get distracted by the views of sunsets in these magnificent mountains. Just the other night the reds in the sky were unbelievable. One just had to stop and look.
Then, yesterday after a new snow, the light on the hill of our golf course captured me and I did this quick study in pastel. Just happened to have an old 6x12 sanded sheet on my desk after studio housekeeping earlier in the day.
I should call this Beat the Clock, because that was the challenge as usual with plein air painting. Even if it is from one's porch.
(the painting and the actual view that got my attention with bluster.)
After the Snow at 6
6x12 pastel on sanded paper

Winter Landscape: February Light

  February Light  16x22 pastel on uart400 paper ©️2019 C.L.Burgess I often find myself distracted by the beauty just outside my...

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