Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Artists's Dream:Sacred Space:Building the Studio

inside my future studio

Well, I have given a lot of thought and research into this decision and finally contracted to have a studio built in my two car garage. Finally, "sacred space" at home.

I inhabit a studio right now, and have for 10 years, in a converted old school in Richmond's east end. The experience has sustained and fed me like no other. Many memories, including the first sale of my work to corporations took place in that space. It was my haven, home away from home, filled with light and peace and a fantastic view of the city on the river. Select few were permitted to share the space with me.

The move will not be without some sadness. It will be like the first time I left my home in NYC. I know I must do this. It is an ending of sorts and a beginning. The upside of it all, especially during the present financial mess we all are experiencing, is that I will not have rent to pay, gas to buy or time to schedule for traveling to and from.

Another plus is that I have a veritable eden of a back yard to gaze upon each day from the studio I am building. Another notion is that the night wanderer in me can find her way, padding off to the smell of linseed and turp in her barefeet and jammies. I think other home working artists would smile at that one, knowingly.

So, in the coming weeks I will record herein the development, in case other artists are thinking of making the change as well. I have shared advice from other sites before going this route and it was of great help to me. Casey Childs at http://caseychilds.blogspot.com/search/label/studio
was especially helpful.
So, I am paying forward the courtesy.

These two photos are the first of many to come.

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