Sunday, November 30, 2008


oil on linen on panel nfs
I wanted to revisit a portrait I had done alla prima earlier this year. I decided to take it to completion and refinement. What I find, which is of interest to me, is that more emotion seems to arrive in this one. It looks more like little Cole as he is now, rather than he was at the time I took the reference shot. The expressivity does indeed depict a look this child often has when first encountering an experience foreign to him. I think this happens because as I know him more, the nuances come through. Or, could it be my emotion about him, revealing itself? That is always a question with an answer up for grabs as I see it.

Children pose a unique problem for many painters who try portraiture. Often, if not handled well, the children look like old people. While I have not had that happen here, I do notice that an expression more suited to an older child has indeed presented itself when compared to the earlier version.

This is a more solid form, as considerably more time was spent attending to turning form, thereby giving a more accurate rendering of the subject. Still wet at this taking.
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