Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brooklyn Gal Shares Her Favorites...

An Egg Creme
Since I posted the 7 + things I loved with my passion for painting award, several people inquired about this soda called an egg cream that I listed.
This is not an Italian soda or cream soda (they are good too). It is quintessentially a Brooklyn, N.Y. drink. It was sold at all corner stores and there were lots of them in my Flatbush neigborhood. Ben and Helen owned the shop on my street and charged 25 cents for an 8 ounce glass.
When I first arrived in Richmond, there were 2 places I could get an egg cream. One was at a small ice cream shop which I frequented with my coworkers down the street from the school at which I taught art. The other, was a Jewish Delicatessen on Cary St., appropriately called the New York Deli. It was such sweetness. If you had ever grown up on the streets of NY, like my coworker and I did, no doubt you would have had this. I usually did after school while reading comic books and twirling around on those stools at the counter. Nothing beats it on a hot day and drinking it sure brings back memories of my childhood. Food always does that doesn't it?
....I seem to have acquired some very nice friends of late from Costa Rica, California, Washington, etc...who have not had the fortune to have one. So, I went online and herein placed a link with the history and the recipe and a picture, too!
At first I was going to paint one for you all, but then I found the link. It may well end up a daily painting on my site yet!
So, for everything you ever wanted to know about egg cremes,

New York Egg Cream - History and Recipe
Enjoy! Painting posts resume tomorrow. Off to make one...mmm.
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