Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Jersey Roe

oil on linen 20 x 16 raymar panel

I had a particularly difficult day yesterday and did not paint at all. We've all been there, huh? I hate the days when I am unable to stand at the easel.

But the day before, I did finish this commission. It is more formal than my 3 hour weekly portrait sessions.
I worked from life and photo. Can't say how long it took exactly, maybe 10-12 hours. I probably should be recording that as part of the process, but hey, give me a break. LOL I am a bit ADD when it comes to the mundane.

Roe is my uncle's third wife, cancer survivor and just all around fun person to be with. But this side of her came out of the sitting. A bit sad, (my husband said she has an Irish look. What is that exactly??? But hey, He should know since he is part Irish and often has "that look") or perhaps wistful or maybe she was just tired of the sit for Cathyann that day (more likely). But I like the result. Hope she does. My uncle commissioned it and they will pick it up this week. I kinda like having her around so I will miss her.
I just hope that Sargent's addage " Every time I paint a portrait , I lose a friend." doesn't apply here! yikes, the perils of painting people!!!
Better go do some doggie painting for Sheila.
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