Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Grain at a Time

oil on linen 9"x5"
Harley Brown, artist, is a man full of practical, hard earned artistic wisdom. He says "...for each day you put in you are improving..even if by only one grain at a time....your goal will never be completely realized and your journey will never end. As an artist you will be the perennial student, and that will keep you forever young."

This is the painting I submitted to Michelle Burnett's site Following the Masters: Pre-Raphaelite Waterhouse's Narcissus
Whether the painting is in the studio or en plein air, copying from life, the printed image or a photo, there is always something to learn. Yesterday it was patience with the weather and my tired self.
Today, it was taking an intimidating subject and making it mine. I learned about color mixing, proportion and those miraculous ways to make gray; the freedom to play with the brushstroke and not slavishly copy.
Yes, Harley, this is a world of fun.
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