Thursday, March 26, 2009

Passionate ....

While this day has once again, on the surface, looked dismal with cold and rain, in reality has been a sunny one for me.
I have been given two blog awards, a Lemonade and a Passion for Painting...and two of my pieces were accepted by jury into The Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts Regional Exhibition here in Virginia!( My still life Bread and Water and my portrait post of Roxanne with Peacock Shawl from Jan 08 ) Needless to say I am tickled with delight!

OK, so now for my obligations for the blog awards: I will need to make a separate post for each it appears. On this post I will do the Passion for Painting. I was selected, notified and given help with the rudiments of cutting and pasting today by Liz Holm, an artist and lovely human being I would like to meet in person someday. She is fabulous and classically trained in painting and you must visit her site!
I need to state 7 things I love and pick 7 other passionate painters according to the award creator Kim Ratigan. Kim Says "..
these artists all pass on some of their passion in some way that resonates with me personally. So thank you for your spirit and energy, your creativeness and dedication, your technical abilities and openness to share..."

Here are the things 7 I love: (aside from painting)
1. My husband, family,and a few select friends
Holding the hand of a small child; the smell of a newborn baby
3. Dancing, reading and laughing till it hurts
4. Egg cream soda, crackerjacks, red wine and dark chocolate
5. Anything to do with the beach on the east coast USA, especially walking at dawn and dusk
6. Flowers and a good "tearjerker" movie
7. Manhattan: walking from uptown to downtown, museums, stores and theatre

The chosen 7: Teresa Madsen, Sheila Tajima, Jeannette Jobson, Jala Pfaff, Edward Burton,
Lauren, Pat Aube Gray
If any of these people have gotten multiples, I do not expect they will list again. But if you haven't seen them, use the link because they are worth the trip!

Passionate?...that I am. About a few learning and teaching and friendship and love. I have made most of my dearest friends through my liking to play with ideas and stuff. Art is like cooking school, you are fed while you feed. What better in life can anyone ask for than to be able to create?
We artists are the lucky ones and the world needs us. Keep filling that canvas with the beautiful! Thanks for these awards! I am ever grateful.
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