Saturday, March 28, 2009


8x10 oil on cradled wood

Well, I spent the day once again in Fredricksburg,Va.
Went to pick up a piece of mine that did not get into the regional show, only to leave it there for the national.
It is a long, long shot. But, I was so distracted that I forgot that the deadline was yesterday and did not bring the intended work, harumph :-((. Which tells me I need to learn how to use outlook on my computer and get reminders!
I had lunch with another artist friend, yakked for 5 hours about our art, our kids and life.
It is nice now and then to get away from routine.

So, my post today is a bigger piece that I did a few weeks ago.
I wasn't tipsy when I painted it. Just was my first reaction when done.
Oh...and the nice surprise about the regional show was that my artwork was selected for their poster and promotion. Great to have for my portfolio.

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