Friday, April 10, 2009

Greta-a dog portrait

oil on ray mar canvas panel 8 x 10 $350

R.Garriott asked on her post a few days ago"what inspires you?" Interesting responses for you to read at her site.One of my answers was that I have been inspired by many of you of late in blogger land. It sounds corny but it is true and here is an example.

I became interested in the work of writer H.Charles Dilmore and one of his many beautiful photos posted on his literary blog. When I commented that I wanted to paint this pup, he kindly gave me permission me do just that. It gave me great pleasure over the course of the past three days to behold this happy face. I was addicted to the innocence and loyalty in those eyes and especially the goofy grin that illustrated the one liner passage that day. Both Chuck and I are pleased with the results of the puppy portrait based on his excellent photo.
I recorded the process of painting Greta, too, because this was more real a portrait than a quick study for the AFSA project for which I have been involved. I was going to post it too, but might at a later date if anyone is interested.

But the real kicker for me was the poignant remark in a letter to me from Chuck, that "she now walks in the spirit world", so the rendering is especially prized by him. Blew me over.
Painting Under 'The Influence'
Fact not fiction.
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