Thursday, April 02, 2009

Here is Hilda

6"x6" oil on canvas raymar panel $150.00
When I saw Hilda in the window of her room, I thought of my Dad singing to me as a little girl "How much is that doggie in the window?” This brought tears to my eyes but a smile in my heart.
Then, I also thought of a TV show called
The Little Rascals (I am dating myself here) and the pit bull they had. She sort of looks like that but bigger. I really think she is part pointer. But this is a face that steals hearts, I think. She'd just been out for a walk and the red of her harness was an artistic draw for me.
I must get over to the shelter with these and see what they think of Sheila's idea.

Thanks to all for your sweet comments about these pup paintings!

I look forward to talking with you each day and visiting with you on your sites too! What great, positive energy this is...peace to you.
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