Monday, April 20, 2009

Portrait of Candi with Viola 24" x 20"

Finished Portrait of Candi under natural north light in studio deeper background.
Portrait of Candi under natural north light before changes

I survived the weekend warrior's battle of the flagstone, only with a bruised finger and legs so worn from walking up and down, that I resemble the slow moving turtles in the pond. 'Stick to painting!' inner voice screams. And so she crawls to her easel to resume a painting begun 3 weeks ago. And much to her dismay.....

The learning curve is moving ever so slowly, as well. I mean, I know a whole lot intellectually about "how to paint" but when I get to the easel, sometimes, my brain starts to work like "dumb and dumber". Painter, Liz Holm called this the insanity of push-pull, wipe, redo. You do the same thing over and over and expect change. That is insanity. Heard those words often enough from my own little inner demon. So, after I took photos of the result in the grey of this rainy day under the skylight in my studio, I thought." Hmm, change the background. Too chalky. DO NOT CHANGE THE FACE!" But when you change one thing you have to change another. Nothing is static.
Then, panic set in when Husband comes to offer a word and says "I liked it yesterday". AARRGH!

I put these two up for your perusal. I am done. The top photo is the finished work. On to the next one, turn this to the wall. Forget about it. Stop. Like Miss Scarlett says," Tomorrow is another day."
To do list for tomorrow:
look at J.S.Sargent
do a landscape
get a good photographer
start over
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