Friday, April 17, 2009

See You case you think I am complacently sitting on my keister doing nothing after that painting of Cole...FYI..not. This fine Friday finds me at the blogroll again(far too long) and in the middle of painting several portraits/figures. This is a crop from one of them. There are so many hanging around my studio, I feel like I have an audience most of the time. I probably should put them in the "what was I thinking? pile" or turn them to the wall.
I am at a point of indecision on this one. Should I keep the Colorful rendition or bring it to a more realistic closing? I am leaning toward the looser, vibrant and drawn quality, but probably will RUIN that by overworking like I tend to do. I guess I need a break...

SO, since the weather is optimal (thank goodness! at last) for garden work etc, I will be up to that keister in pond scum(ick!!) today cleaning out leaf debris(Yikes, I hope I do not meet up with any snakes ) to get ready to lay stone shelves for water plants, then fill the thing back up to try stocking it with fish again(we have predators that eat them, seemingly 5 minutes after they arrive). Much to my husband's chagrin, I had a ton of flagstone delivered this a.m. right behind my studio. So, he will be laughing, tossing back a beer on the verandah overlooking our water feature and I will be working IN it this weekend. He doesn't do stone or scum, alas. But, he does do other wonderful things out in our forest/garden, so I guess it is even.

I will post again after the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me that MY fingers stay in tact so I can resume painting after masonry. Thanks for visiting me...See you..:-)).
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