Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vilkas- a portrait

oil on linen 16 x 20"

Thanks to all who checked out Derick and visit my site regularly. You and your feedback, wise, generous and fun all are much appreciated by this always juggling and struggling artist. Here is what I did last night. Tried again to know when to stop. I had loads of fun with red, my favorite color in general, but always a challenge to get down in paint with all the variations presented.
Enjoyed portrait group again with this new model! Interesting name and very expressive face. She may be Czech.?
We didn't talk much, all were very intensely engaged with this new face.

Tomorrow my other work from post of Feb 3, Hot Pink and Chocolate will be among 61 other works from across the country at the Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts in the Show called A Fine Line.
Busy weekend ahead with family obligations, might not post again until Sunday or Monday. But I will check in at your sites.
Till then, be well, friends out there. Sincerely...this new flu thing is very scary.
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