Saturday, May 30, 2009

Figure drawing: Lithograph "working it out"

I am posting this image of long ago because, I am truly working it so many parts of my daily life. Am in the middle a WIP, packing for a trip, working on a new website design, and above all trying to keep my wits about me as I learn about this Mac.

I visited my blogfriend Elizabeth Seaver again yesterday, to see her new work. I was in her town to retrieve/drop a work of mine from the FCCA and get ready for the new show(see side bar top). We both giggled about the perils of downloading images from camera to mac. 

You see, I became close to apoplectic on Friday as by (I thought) gross lack of intellect on my part, when I thought I was only downloading 7 images from the screen before me, my Mac began to download oh, approximately 5,599 images!!! From where, I, with great panic, am asking? How do I stop this? 
I  ' force closed' my new buddy and drove like a WOMAN ON A MISSION, literally to the Apple store to the genius bar(where I do not belong ). Mr. Genius said that (heh,heh) this is a common thing and while the memory card had been erased by me, little did I know that the camera chip KEEPS ALL info on its internal harddrive and that where my 5K+ image download came from and not the ether clouds on my LAN. Not the real computer geek that I now sound like, I was patiently told by Mr. Genius that all I had to do was remove the card then erase the camera memory. Problem solved in under 3 mintues.
WELL, it is not as easy as Mr. Genius implied. So, instead of painting, I am working out these frustrations to boot.
Glad I got that off my chest. So my friends, any solutions? I have to wait till after the 11th June for the store to reopen, so there is breathing time.
Thank goodness and the generous, spirited James Parker for making my day amidst the chaos. He gave me a new award called Splash, for which I know no rules, so I will take some 'deliberation time' to nominate someone to pass this onto.

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