Thursday, May 21, 2009

George Inness-master copy-Monastery at Albano

oil on linen raymar panel 10 x 12"   $375

This is my version of the landscape challenge at Michelle Burnett's site called  Following the Masters

When researching the web for the Hudson Valley painter's, I chose George Inness. Why? Because what I originally thought, was that he was rather tight in technique from what I remember seeing of his work at the National Gallery of Art in DC. What I learned was, like many of us who begin that way, he loosened up in his maturation as a painter. 

Many of us want to have that "painterly" feel. But it takes some time to arrive. I immediately connected with this image because the drama of light behind the bell tower contrasted with a sense of a quiet intimacy between the two small figures off center. Additionally, I was impressed with the economy of means used to depict this scene which arrived  by transparent glazes applied over a period of time longer than what I, the impatient painter, normally experiences to get to the finish.
Copying a printout is less desirable than copying from a real masterwork. However, I found that looking at the image at the Art Renewal Center archive was as close as I was going to get for this project. I did not use as strong an illumination in the yellow part of the sky. My choice. I think overall I quieted the colors down. But I like what and how I learned and will probably pick another one to do.
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