Thursday, May 07, 2009

Joey-a portrait

16 x 20"oil on canvas

We were supposed to have Joey's girlfriend sit for us last night but she couldn't make it. So, Joey, a former student, now friend of mine, was a good save. He was a fantastic model! Came with a host of different outfits for us to choose from. What a guy, huh? This seemed to fit this splendid young man, who is really a percussionist as well as visual artist.
We taunted him about playing;fun group that we are.:-)
Did nothing to this image, except save for web. Still trying to figure out my lessons from R. It is still wet, so I will have to visit it again and in the shade, then fidget around with adobe.. This was taken indoors, north light. Still raining here. aarrgh.
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