Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thousand Islands Nightfall

oil on canvas 20x20"   " A Little Night Music"

I hear the 1812 overture when I witness a scene like this. 
This is because when we used to visit the Eastern shore of Delaware/Maryland, we used to go to a restaurant called Fager's Island, that somehow choreographed that score with the onset of sundown for the diners on the deck facing the bay. Sometimes geese flew by on cue!
So, whenever near the water at sunset, any large body like this one at Chippewa Bay, NY, that is what I hear. So I called this piece " A Little Night Music." I did not fool with Adobe today. Just uploaded the photo as taken in my studio under not so ideal lighting. So it may change tomorrow.( I got a new Mac book pro, so I have more than I can handle with the learning curve this week.)

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