Monday, May 04, 2009

Torrit Grey Bay

5x5" oil on linen on card

Are any of you painting with torrit gray from Gamblin paint?

They have a contest each year with this unique gray paint giveaway. I may give it a go.

For this little image, I just wanted to paint a grisaille for a larger painting idea so I played around with the paint from this tube to see how far I might stretch it. You can use black and white only to augment the torrit.

My source: Itook a photo of an impending storm on the St. Lawrence river, last year, that is part of a series I have in mind to do. So, I cropped a small section and gave it a try. I am also playing around with Adobe gamma adjustments on my computer with R's help, so forgive please, anything weird on your monitors.
Between the size of the original image and the camera settings, then the translations to screen etc.,it is a wonder I get any painting done and then, only to wonder if the viewer is really getting my truth on their screen!!???!!

Back to the easel.

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