Friday, June 12, 2009

Figure drawingWIP/ I S Gardner Museum review

18 x 24" charcoal on canvas (prep for painting)

I am posting a WIP(work in progress), because as I was thinking about what to say about my visit to the  Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, I felt a need to draw.  
Remembering the plethora of Anders Zorn drawings I saw in her collection of some, oh, thousands of pieces of art(she had eclectic taste and very deep pockets), just made me itchy to draw something.
I prepared the layout for a figurative painting I have been meaning to do for a while from my own sources.  I will next go over the drawing in a sepia tone acrylic fine point brush, just in case the charcoal disappears, though I did fix it. The title presently is Playing the Park Bench Blues. It is too long, I think. Perhaps a bit corny. But image 5671.jpeg didn't cut it. It will most likely change after the painting is completed. I have a couple others in mind.
Anyway, I had promised to talk about the Sargent paintings I saw there but again, I give you links to the museum site and beg you to check it out. This is a museum you have to experience for the sheer amount of work in one private collection. The only complaints I have about it is that the lighting is ineffective to really appreciate the works plus I couldn't take any photos of the magnificent courtyard in this home. The museum left things exactly as Mrs. Gardener lived with them. No tags on the paintings but each room had some plastic coated sheets prepared with some chit chat about a couple of the works shown and the names of the rest with a placement diagram to help inform the viewer.
Being an ardent admirer of JSSargent, I was completely bowled over by the el Jaleo painting on the first floor. Of course, his portraits of Isabella are also outstanding. Oh, and the MFA Boston had several of her works by Titian in their present exhibit! So, there were some empty frames on the wall.
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is worth seeing on a leisurely afternoon, rainy or not.

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