Monday, June 15, 2009

Figure/wip stage3/technique/face

closeup of work in progress...(oil on canvas full figure 20x16")
Gosh, am I ever having a time with this one. Lots of thoughts going on as I work. Mostly about processes.
I think it will be a solid work when done. I am seeing that the many hours of studying people in all kinds of light is starting to pay off. As a rule I dislike using photo images to work from, much more prefer the live sitting, but finally, I am finding out how to create my own drama from the bag of intellectual tools stored away, when the ideal isn't affordable. More importantly, I am giving myself permission. To the novice, that may sound weird, but I am sure some of you out there, who are putting in the working hours hear what I am saying, right?
If not, read the book Art and Fear.
Also take a trip to this blog  (Matthew Innis)today...words of wisdom from that very book,posted today, coincidentally.
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