Monday, June 22, 2009

Treetop Studies:A prayer of thanks

treetop 1pm

5x5" treetop 7 am

Do you ever have one of those days that you heck with the plan...just do what you feel like doing, right now? I really planned on beginning another figure painting BUT...I got distracted with morning's glory.

I live in the woods and enjoy my canopy of trees immensely. This am I got up about 6 with the golfer hubby and had coffee looking out my studio window at the sky and just decided to select the area of my choice and learn more about time of day, values and those nerve wracking summer greens.
No time limit. But the first one took about 1/2hour total. I revisited it later in the day and just painted over the same canvas. Why?
Not because I am miserly, but to force myself not treat every blessed image as sacred to keep.
Well... not on the canvas anyway. Just on film. To study. To be thankful I can see. To pray in paint.
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