Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moonscapes and Memories

20x20"acrylic on canvas Mesa Moon©©2003 C.L.Burgess

"I'm the only artist...that...can paint that thing" was the bold caption that caught my eye today as I drank coffee and read the news in the Washington Post about former Astraunaut, now full time artist, Alan Bean. According to the Post article(E2,07-19-09), Bean makes it clear that he no longer is concerned about space travel but about making paintings about the surface he walked and left his boots on, when he returned home to earth.
And he does it like no other before him. How fabulous is it, that he is able to tell us about(in color) what we can only imagine and after some of us witnessed (in black and white) that incredible event 40 yeas ago?!!
One might also say he is somewhat of a 'mixed media' moonscape painter, because an integral part of his textured paintings contains some of the dust and pieces of his spacesuit from the Apollo 12 lunar landing! He is concerned that he may run out of supplies, too.I don't blame him, either. Can't get more of that from Cheap Joe's.

Since I do not have any photos of Mr. Bean's work to share, I included my impression of the moon in space looking down, in this attempt at abstraction, based on road trip I took to New Mexico, to accompany my thoughts in this post.
The work of Artist Alan Bean can be seen at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. now through Jan 13 2010.

P.S. I noticed after writing this that Charley Parker does a more comprehensive job over at
And shucks, he has some photos of Beans work, too! Go check it out...
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