Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cowboy Portrait "Hang Tough"

Hang Tough©2009C.L.Burgess oil on canvas 20w x 24h"

The title of this painting is symbolic on many levels. I will mention a couple of them.
One of which, today, is the fact that I have been painting this for the past 5 days. I am using a new medium called neo megilp by Gamblin which is supposed to be fast drying and give a maroger like quality to the paint body. I am also trying to figure out why certain paints are drying with a sheen and others aren't.( you would assume I would know that by now..ah, forgetful me)
Secondly, I am at wits end, because I have shot this image so may times during the course of the painting that my eyeballs look like Marty Feldman's.( please God, I hope you know who that is...) and NO light is giving me what it really looks like. Inside or out. This is the best I can get, with or without a lesson from R. Garriott !!!I will of course, blame the camera.
This resource image was taken last year at a ranch fest in Colorado. I caught an introspective moment, that our ranch-hand had, in soft filtered light. He was a very interesting man, patient with horses, cranky kids and weary grandparents. So, I figured I owed it to the man to immortalize him.
He will have his gallery debut in a later show.
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