Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Honoring Manet and Mom:Grey Hydrangea from My Mom's Garden

Grey Hydrangea ©2009 C.L.Burgess 10h x8"w oil on linen panel

I felt like paying around with a small still life today. My mother, at 79 is still is a fantastic flower gardener and she has these enormous bushes gracefully falling over with white Hydrangea. I am not certain of the kind, but I cut some for our dinner party table last night and they begged being painted today.

I am inspired today, by the book called The Last Flowers of Manet which I took out to read after seeing my blogger friend, Joan's painting in progress, of roses yesterday. As the 51 year old artist Manet lay dying in 1882, his friends sent him small bouquets to cheer him, which, with the limited remaining strength he had, he painted. I have always thought the story conveyed through these images poignant and so very beautiful in the rendering. It is a book to which I return often.
I drew these freely with only Gamblin's torrit grey, black and white. From life, from my mother's garden.
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