Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lotus:"Watching It Open" and falling in....

©2009 C.L.Burgess "Watching It Open" oil on linen panel 6h x8"w

One of those gifts in the early morning. I did a small on site painting in my backyard today. As I started to paint, absorbed by the color of this lotus, I noticed that within the 1 3/4 hour or so I worked on it, it opened further right before my eyes. How we take this slow awakening for granted sometimes.

Enough of this waxing poetic. The falling in...what, love with painting outdoors? Nah...
...Into the pond I just painted leaving a six inch gash in my leg and me hobbling up to the studio for medical relief from Bactine..
makes me want to print T shirts with "Pleine Aire Painting...all I got was this nasty infection and a crummy little painting" or perhaps coin a new phrase or motto "the wounded, the indomitable, the comical, the painter"

Gosh, I love my studio.

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