Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rains Mainly on the Plains...and a memorial

Rains on the Plains ©2009 C.L.Burgess oil on wood 5x7"

Left New Orleans yesterday and made it through the bayou country driving into the great state of Texas and when we got there the skies went ominous.
Actually, they were pretty frightful and awesome in New Orleans. It seemed the entire city had a bowl of battleship grey over it. I had been there in '96 April.
I remember having a ball, partying with a gazillion other people and the weather being fair. I learned on this trip, that I need not return during the oppressively hot and sticky summer months if I ever go back. Which is unlikely. I was saddened by the pall in the air. Mapquest brought us in through the ward that was devastated by Katrina. Having just seen Spike Lee's documentary on it, I was prepared in a way. But it is still alarming. The rest of the the city I visited, appeared unscathed, which is nothing short of miraculous.
Had a "category five" margarita at Pat O'Brien's restaurant in the French Quarter(apparently a sense of humor remains intact). Did a step lively or two through Bourbon Street(UGH) and then retreated to the hotel for the night. The next day we set out for Austin.
After stopping on a service road outside of Houston for 1 hour to let 7 inches of rain pummel us, I braved the white knuckle drive into Austin to meet up with friends for dinner and to spend the night at their home. Got a lovely tour of a little Texas town called Georgetown and then hit the road again, to arrive in time for dinner here in Oklahoma,after spending the first hour at the Oklahoma City Memorial to the victims of the April 19, 1995 bombing at the Murrah Federal building.
I think it is fitting to post this stormy sky to bespeak the outer turbulence I have experienced these few days and the inner turmoil that still festers with remembrance of both tragedies in our collective soul; this one in Oklahoma city and 911 in New York. This sign on the wall of an adjacent building to the monument says it all.

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