Monday, September 07, 2009

Steeped in the Sky: Clouds Over Perdido

Perdido Key Sky©C.L.Burgess pastel on canson 8x10"

A bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work is what most people say.

Sometimes, I wonder if the French painter, Boudin thought this way too. (see sidebar for quote)
Whenever I can go see his work at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, I do. Of course, now I have to wait till the museum reopens in 2010. Man, that guy knew the sky and could paint it like no one else; my hero in that department.
I actually like cloudy days more than clear skies.Even at the beach. Boy, did I get my wish this weekend.( I even got a treat as the "Blue Angels" flew by at lightening speed!) I couldn't keep up with the fast moving formations fast enough, even with my pastels.(Lots of reference shots to be painted later in the comfort of my studio.) I played that game with the clouds "what do you see?"
Remember lying in the grass,or on the sand at the beach or sitting on a stoop in NYC, n my case, with your face up looking at the sky and finding all sorts of strange and wonderful creatures?
My friend and I, yesterday, saw witches and horses and even the head of Mozart, as the cumulous vapor morphed before our eyes. I spent the rest of the time, as it rained, on our verandah trying to paint in watercolor(bad idea) then in pastels(better) and capture the interesting change in weather. My oils are neatly and inconveniently packed away in the truck, ready for our departure from this idyllic holiday stop on the first leg of our trip out west.
Tomorrow, to New Orleans.

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