Thursday, December 10, 2009

Portrait of of young woman and detail:wip

Hanna©2009 C.L. Burgess 20hx16w ( below:detail from image)

Three hours with Hanna. I am really not liking painting on canvas, but since I had nothing else on hand and this is a study I guess, it is OK. Once you get used to linen it is really hard to change back. I do like painting from life again... it has been two weeks since I went to open studio and I feel like it has been two years.
I included a detail shot for clarification of brush stroke and a better idea of the color since I think it looks a bit washed out here.( I am not happy with the lighting for the photo of the larger work. What has me concerned too is that I took an image of my pears, to get a greeting card made and the printed image was way too dark compared to what I have on my screen. I sure hope my images aren't as garish online!) Still fighting that battle and guess will for some time.
Will post the finished image later.

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