Sunday, December 27, 2009

Portrait of a Woman: Dana

Dana©2009 C.L.Burgess 8x8 oil on wood panel

Meeting other painters that I admire through blogging is always delightful, but it is even better when one of the people is as eager as I to exchange not only info and praise, but the gift of time and skill we possess. Since I was unable to do the DSFDF challenge this year, this was especially fun. Dana is lovely in feature and personality, and generous in spirit, as well.

Dana Cooper and I decided to do a Christmas gift swap. We emailed each other our photo references. Planned a date for completion and posting of our efforts. You can see her painting of me at Dana's site. I am so pleased with her rendition...tickled actually. If you only saw the antics of me trying to take my own photo using auto release on my camera. Running to the wall and posing. Doing this a gazillion times till I got just the right lighting. Think ...Lucille Ball. (that is why I look so tired and fed up in the photo, but hey, that's me)

I took liberty with Dana's photo for dramatic effect. Some glare is there cause it is still wet...
I worked on this for two days. I did a drawing first right on the panel, then a simple grisaille with burnt umber thinned with oms, block in, then started into color glazing. Took hours instead of days between steps, using a little medium, like Liquin.
Before I give it to Dana, I will let it dry and then spritz it with Kmar varnish.

This was fun and a wonderful gift! Thank you Dana!

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