Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Tale of Red Platform Shoes: and an oil painting and a sale!

Red Hot©2009C.L.Burgess oil on panel 5x5

Dare I say? Yes, this shoe has a past. There is a story. And yes, it is mine.

If you follow my blog, then you know about my shoe fancy and also the fact that I am known to crave comfort over style.
At the time I bought these (2000), platforms were back in fashion. Since I am diminutive in height, high heels are always a plus. And ones I can walk in without killing myself, even better.
Anyway, there was a command performance gala sponsored by alumni of our school for a dear teacher/priest and it was to be held at a glitzy ritzy place to raise funds for a school scholarship for our young men. I had an outfit selected,(all black, like most artists, I know and fairly conservative, considering that I worked for a military Catholic school )but I needed a new pair of shoes. Since I was in a playful, festive mood when I got to the shoe store, I began trying on all sorts of dress shoes. After a bit, I found these 'hot red' shoes and tried them on for the heck of it, with no intention whatsoever of buying them. Just played around walking about looking for another style. That is until four other women shoppers noticed me prancing about giggling,thinking about my wearing them for the venue I was attending. It piqued their interest enough to ask why I was laughing. So I told them where I was headed that weekend and all four women almost in unison said..."well of course you ARE going to buy them right? They look hot!(compliment???) And wear them there? Think of the cocktail stories that will generate. I said." not sure I want to create a scandal, since I like my job. This party is about the priest, not my shoes. I was looking for black shoes...maybe in this style cause they are comfy, surprisingly so." There weren't any. Not a one that was as comfortable as these in black.
So, since I AM an artist, had a reputation for not at all being like anyone else, expected to be my "colorful" self, I tossed caution to the wind and bought the shoes. Yup. Wore them to the gala, and the Christmas party...and a few other events. And yes, the shoes got talked about and looked at and um, I venture to say...on occasion my faculty friends bring it up now and then with impish grins and some "off color" remarks about the selection and the chutzpah to wear them in public.....
A fabulous reason to immortalize them, eh? Oh yeah, and I am going to put them in a show to raise money for dyslexic kids. Am I redeemed for my 'out of step' behavior?

P.S. My Six by Six Gallery venture in NYC provided me with the sale of my Milk and Cookies painting! yay.
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