Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still life with Silver teapot: Soliloquy revisited

Soliloquy Blues©2010C.L.Burgess 14 x 11 oil $550 framed silver leaf

Sometimes it is nice to have a cup alone and daydream...and why not let it be a pretty cup at that?

I am seriously trying to get rid of the duds, reclaim some ill begotten work and keep moving forward with new stuff. (Signs of spring cleaning beginning early on these warmer winter days.)

I had posted an earlier version of this painting then deleted it from my older posts. It now looks a thousand times better than it did in the original state. After painting for two years or more after that initial attempt, I found many annoying things that needed fixing. I wish I had saved the earlier version to show the improvement but alas, it is gone. It is still fairly loosely rendered but color and forms are more solid. It is on show for sale at the restaurant.

Do you do this too to your older pieces? Or do you just slam dunk the thing into the g file?
I will be tossing some duds out after wasting more time on them. Sometimes stubbornness is just that and one has to face it. There is no saving some work. And it will be good therapy to stretch and mindlessly gesso some canvases for a little while.

I may even treat myself to a day at the Smithsonian tomorrow to get that creative juicy energy replenished.
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