Monday, January 11, 2010

Study in White Still Life Painting

Arrangement in White©2010 C.L.Burgess 8x 6 oil on linen $250 framed

This is not a rant. Just a roundabout story towards a good ending to a busy day.

But I need to ask: do you not get tired of lost email that never bounces back to you? I almost, (but did not) lost an opportunity to show 20 still life paintings because of an email that never got to where it was supposed to go on the day it went. Phew!
This small work is one of the pieces on show and for sale at Cafe Cateura at Short Pump Crossing in Richmond. If I do say so, my smallish paintings ( 6x8 to 16 x 20), do show very well and the owners are thrilled that I could rally at a moment's notice. ("me , too", I think, as I catch my breath).

One of the reasons I am grateful for the discipline of daily painting is that when a door opens..I am ready. The only thing I need to learn now, is how to frame my own work. Keep an inventory list fresh. Also, buy a miter saw,framing tools, and jump in and learn by doing.Those will be some of my professional goals for 2010.

Goal setting: a major resolution for 2010. I used to be real good at it when I was a high school teacher. Retirement from teaching has been very good, but I have indulged in closing out the world to paint, rather than market. So marketing will be prime on the list, too.
And there will be more. All stated in doable doses. One of the things about setting and reaching goals is to put a limit on them. For example: I intend to sell 10 more pieces this year than last...or maybe
enter 4 major magazine competitions and 8 local/regional competitions. Get the idea?
And definitely : have enough on hand framed, in case someone knocks at your email with a request to fill a restaurant with your artwork.
Happy Painting!

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