Sunday, February 14, 2010

Celadon Urn 6x6

Celadon Urn©2010 C.L.Burgess 6x6 oil on wood sold

This is the image I will present to the client. Things may change after being seen in the space it will hang. I think I am pretty close to the color of the glaze on the urn.
Some of you saw earth tones...and actually I have used the transparent earth red and yellow colors with prussian blue, sap green, ivory black, some alizaron crimson sparingly, raw sienna, titanium white. Tiny brushes, nothing bigger than a #4 filbert and little to no medium.
I used a little dry brush in some places to indicate the crackle texture faintly. The background is a warm white made with the transparent earth colors and titanium.
I hope this shows well on your monitor.
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