Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clothed Female Figure Painting

I have been practicing different color approaches in between painting for my two upcoming shows in April.
I used ultramarine,transparent earth red and white, making some values scales. I had an odd piece of wood lying around and used for reference a figure drawing I had, that of itself wasn't frame worthy but something to revive in a new form. I have been over to Terry Muira's site and have learned so much from him. He did this exercise a few times and I thought I would give it a go.
Then I worked on it some more and destroyed it. AARRRGH! Oh, well...Time to start another.
Taking the Olympic attitude....'keep at it....go for the gold...'

And...I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to get this:

I am happy to have recently received the Sunshine Award from Pam Holnback and Karen Bruson. The Sunshine Award is for creativity and positivity in blogging. While I would recommend many for this, it appears that mine are already taken.. So, I am breaking "the rule" a bit.
There are many others who spread the sunny side of themselves through blogging, for instance all the people who follow us and take time to express their to all of you Thanks and here's to you...keep the sunshine spreading....I certainly am sustained by your visits and your creativity.

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