Thursday, February 04, 2010

Reading with poppa#4wip detail in progress.....
In these two photos, as I move forward, I am beginning to add some more flesh tones and some hints at color. I have added Venetian red and Naples yellow and Cad green to my palette. Using some neomegilp now to glaze and also add some body to the paint on the palette that has tendencies to dry out.
I am using number 4,6 rounds and filberts soft hair brushes. My strokes are delicate, feathered layers in a cross hatching. I am still working in high key. Still checking in the mirror to see if the sculpting of the form is still apparent or getting lost. ( That is a hazard of not working dark enough at the start, or adding to much white to your colors at midpoint. Live and learn. Practice, practice, practice)
I want an overall soft look to the painting because of the lighting and the mood, the intimacy and gentle spirit that is obvious.
The loose realism, not impressionism is kicking in. I hesitate to label. I will leave that to my critics. Representational painting is an all encompassing term I prefer, that leaves me able to paint in a way that suits my subject and my reaction to it..

I will keep posting as I work..time for me to walk away from this for a bit...let the paint tack up so I can move it around with some body and glaze in other places.
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