Friday, February 05, 2010

Still Life with Orange Juice

Juicy©2010C.LBurgess acrylic on canvas 6x6" $150.00

This is my painting at the Six by Six gallery at Charmingwall in NYC. It is in keeping with a glassful and accompaniment, like my Milk and cookies. See a motif? I like working with transparent objects...takes a lot of looking and with that comes a lot of learning.
This painting is 'art from art', as it is a crop down from another painting of mine from a still life series I am working on for another show. One can find paintings within paintings. I do that frequently, as it is a habit developed from teaching graphic design to my high schoolers. When running out of ideas, I used to tell them to repeat something, flip it, change it's color, magnify, crop etc. Take a look at some of your own stuff that may seem like a reject and see if you can find a new set up to paint...either set up the still life according to your crop or draw from the crop and "do something to it"...if nothing else it is a good exercise for you to practice all kinds of things when you are at odds or just want to do something beside watch snow fall.
Speaking of that...we, in Virginia, are getting clobbered once more.
Have a great weekend!
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