Sunday, February 07, 2010

WIP Reading with Poppa completed

Reading with Poppa©2010 C.L.Burgess 16x20 oil on linen nfs
Closeup: grandpa figure after softening the form and getting rid of garish reds, fixing some proportions and changing shirt color and loosening up the strokes on the shirt. The faces are the focal areas every thing else supportive, so I was tighter in the rendering where it counted.

detail of girl background dulled and darkened, skin tones and hair adjusted in tonality and definition

I know some of you thought it was done. But it really had a few more hours of work to go. I am satisfied with it at last and will photograph it again when it is dry. The graininess is because it is wet and the light is muted this afternoon. But it is accurate otherwise.
I had to finish it today so I can move on. Can't wait to start another figurative piece.

Welcome to new folllowers...hope you enjoyed the wip.
Now I can watch the game and not feel guilty.
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