Thursday, March 11, 2010

Portrait of a Woman: Sparkly

Jazzy Cathy at 86©2010C.L.Burgess oil on linen 10x10

There are some people who just exude liveliness and sparkle that is infectious.
This young lady was 86 today and we celebrated at lunch after Jazzercise class. Yes, she is an inspiration for many women who attend our class. I am happy to just stand up without groaning sometimes...and this woman comes twice a week always with a smile and brightness to her character. That is why I needed to paint her. I tricked her into getting her photo for this portrait which I gave her for her birthday, just because. She was tickled. And the sparkle in her eye you see here, is what I got back for my efforts. As well as inspiration to look forward to growing young. Pure joy.

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