Monday, March 08, 2010

Portrait of a Young Woman in Fur Hat

Her Furs©2010C.L.Burgess oil on linen panel16x12
Khara's Furs ©2010C.L.Burgess 10x10 oil on wood

I managed to get 2 all prima done in the portrait session this week.
Our model brought in this mink, the animal fur with head and tail a la 1950's and this Fargo-like hat and a black long sleeve T. What a combo. But it did actually make for an interesting image. I had the extra little panel with me so I did that in about 45 minutes, the last two sits in the three hours, from a different angle.. I had to keep my hands from fussily destroying the first one I did(bad habit). And I wanted the profile challenge in addition to the textural.
I thought I wouldn't be able to get the furry detail down but I did succeed at the illusion without hyper reality. I guess I was in the zone this week.
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