Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Portrait of a Young Woman:Wistful

Where are You Now?©2010 C.L.Burgess oil on linen 16 x 12 panel

We have all been there haven't we?
Transported to another place, looking back, looking forward.
Or maybe just reviewing the day's events or what to make for dinner.
One moment. Fixed.

This was the model, Morgan, at open portrait studio the week before last. Beautiful girl. Porcelain skin against the silky green and pink scarf. Her hair pulled into a halo of auburn curls.
I often am amazed at how generous they are, who sit for us. Have you ever posed for any length of time? It is not easy. Not easy to sit still or to be stared at with intensity by 15 or more sets of eyes. Many of our models are not professional, yet when they take the seat they become so very professional, gazing off, remaining still and retaking the exact stance every 25 minutes for 3 hours. It is that generosity in the sharing of time and place, that I hope to honor with my best efforts each time I pick up the brush and translate the intimate interactions between sitter and painter.
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