Saturday, April 03, 2010

Figures in Landscape and FCCA Show 'Body Language' photos

Several of you asked me to post these asap are....
Photos from the show in Fredericksburg Creative Center for the Arts Members' Gallery.
Approximately 200 people passed through, even on Good Friday night! Weather was perfect, thank goodness but the route 95 north corridor traffic was abysmal getting to the show from Richmond. I arrived 1/2 late so missed a good part of the starting crowd.

Oh yes, I had a sale. Made contact for other exposure and hopefully will get some commissions.
Many people loved the portraits. Favorites were my self portrait with shawl, Retro Girl, and Hangin Tough.
All in all a pleasant evening, successful, good weather and very nice people.
Time to rest just a little bit.
Happy Easter.
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