Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flower Power : Violet Iris in a Jar

Violet Iris©2010 C.L.Burgess 16 x 8 oil on linen 

Do you all have colors that are so seductive that you have to find an excuse to use them? Most of the time, what does it for me is the color red. When I go into an art supply store, it is like having an addiction. Last year I bought at least eight different, I am all set. I think.
What I know, is, that it almost bankrupted my budget.

Yesterday, while it rained, I continued on a painting of two picks from my iris garden. Those being The Excuse to use my violets, reds and turquoise tubes of paint. And to contemplate the sensuous form that engaged Van Gogh enough to paint masses of them. I wish they stayed longer to enjoy in a jar, but they wither pretty fast, making part of me feel guilty that I cut them at all. I may do another one or two of the flower alone on a table before it's complete demise from this year's garden. I have irises thanks to my grandparents, both avid gardeners. They gave me some from their garden begun in 1969 on Long Island, when I newly married and owned a home, expressing an interesting in learning to garden. Yes, that hippie in me loved getting her hands dirty. I still do. I have brought some of their growth to each of the places I have lived, thereby continuing a tradition of leaving small gifts of beauty behind in the spaces I inhabited.

Flower Power.

p.s. thanks Ralph for the inspiration to write this post. He has 2 blogs with some other interesting thoughts on flowers and painting.
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