Friday, May 21, 2010

Pastel Portrait and 100 mark!

Allison©2010 pastel 19 x 25

Wow..I have 101 folllowers! Welcome to the new people!I welcome all your kind and supportive remarks. I am always eager to read my comments daily and visiting your pages, too. Thank you and I hope to keep you interested for a long time.

Well, I felt like drawing last night.
Unfortunately, I haven't used some of my chalks for years and they began to disintegrate as I picked them up to paint:-(..does anyone know why? soft pastels..kept in a box, shut tight against mositure etc.
I never thought chalk can go bad...luckily my hard pastels are still good...

I have painted this lovely model before in oil. She is a great model...this time she had a new haircut. She is blonde but that didn't matter...Can you tell I just had fun with color???LOL I just worked fast and furious. I did two prelim charcoal studies and then jumped right in. Sigh.Three hours just isn't enough time.
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