Friday, June 25, 2010

Tatooed: Male nude: figure painting

Tatooed©2010C.L.Burgess oil on linen panel 18 x 12

Jameson is the young man whose portrait I  painted last week. A terrific model, good humored guy,  he posed classically for us last night. I attempted to imply his tatooed body. Couldn't get them all, so I used my license to include just some. With the usual 3 hours not much more can be accomplished.

The more I do this, the more I find that success is in the preparation of puddles of color in a limited range ahead of time, then adjusting when at the session with other colors you actually see. This is the secret to using those three hours well. 
You can practice mixing in your own studio ahead of time to get  the consistency correct and the amount of paint suited to your needs. Otherwise, you can become real frustrated and end up with poorer quality all the way around.

I learned quite a bit about tonality and limited palette, brushes, etc. from signing up for a live demo last week by Mia Bergeron on Cindy Procious' site, There will be other demos coming up and I highly recommend her site, especially if one cannot travel to study with some of these accomplished artists. The cost is manageable and the time to watch can be all at once or over a few days.

I am going to try a new format with my blog, leaving Fridays for figures and portraits. The rest of the week will be 'daily painting' type posts.

Have a great weekend!
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