Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Figure at Surf

Into the Surf©2010 C.L.Burgess 6x4 oil on linen

I am preparing more canvases for painting and had a small piece hanging around with a tiny little brush nearby and thought....playtime...just try it it out.
This is a guy. I had to look twice, too, until I saw the size of his shoulders from way back on the dry sand. Then my zoom lens confirmed it.
I think it is much more difficult to paint on these small canvases. Yet, they also provide the attitude that you have nothing to lose, so sometimes, so much more is learned pushing the colors and paint thickness with abandon than sitting down with the intensity of a too serious nature. There is an analogy to golf here ( I am a novice at that sport). Grip and rip.
The challenge is to have fun and stay in the moment.
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