Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Travel Photo:Valles Caldera NM

Hello, friends and followers. Haven't had time to paint so I thought I would share some travel images.
This is where I was yesterday. What looks like a lovely valley is the remnant of an immense collapsed volcano.( I am making my way back to Virgina slowly driving across the country.)
for more info on this incredible place use this link: caldera info:
I have collected many photos for painting resources when I hibernate this winter!
Next to the Grand Canyon, this is one other awesome site that has left me weak kneed and breathless. You reach this after a white knuckle ride up the mountain from Los Alamos, NM ... elevation is over 7,000 ft , they say it is a slumbering volcano. Ahhh, right. Hope it continues to sleep for quite sometime.
This guy below just took the photo op quite seriously. One very large bird: the raven. Saw him at Bandelier National Monument.
Thanks all for all the wonderful comments on my last post; the chesspiece.
Welcome, too to all my new followers.
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