Friday, October 01, 2010

Figurative Friday: Mancini drawing workshop result

Portrait of Sheneil©C.L.Burgess 11 x 14
This is the finished product, 20 hours later. I had a bit more to do today to polish it up. Subtle changes still, to turn form was all that was necessary. I am so pleased that I finished it well.

Thanks to you all who have come to see the WIP of this fine model. Matthew Mancini's workshop was wonderful. It was intense but the time passed quickly. I am so glad that I signed up for the workshop. I look forward to more study with this fine young teacher and painter. He is thorough, attentive and at ease with whatever level of learning is before him. I came away with the eagerness to continue drawing practice on a daily basis. 
I have no doubt it will affect my painting for the better too. Anything like a week spent in total concentration of  the development of form can only help improve painting skill.
Check out his work. 

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