Thursday, December 30, 2010

of time and treasures and best laid plans....

Pull up a chair, sit with me and raise that glass of brandy or eggnog....cheers to the old and new....
Sadly enough, my husband had an accident last week that requires some surgery soon and we couldn't make it out west for a family Christmas as planned.  But.....Christmas did come to us through skype technology and brightened the too quiet house in VA with images of our grandchildren opening gifts in Colorado. They, ages 2 and 4, were much more organized and genteel than I can ever remember being on such an awaited morning. Kudos to my son and daughter in law for that.
I remember way back when, at the New York World's Fair in 1964, making a new friend in California on a "visual" telephone call which was quite remarkable to fair goers. This is the future we saw at a glance, at mid 20th century. The world was growing smaller.
Some of us today, take so much for granted, since we are accustomed to all sorts of machines that "connect" us with friends, foes and loved ones in almost a heartbeat, almost continuously. Many of us dinosaurs can remember the days without them and they were not all that horrible, right? I mean, there was time to dream; time to revel in the privacy of one's thoughts, uninterrupted from the distractions of having to check email or text or being tethered to the office by a plug in our ear.
There was the art of letter writing, which one could, with time, give care to the recipient of our thoughts and a piece of ourselves with our handwriting and selection of notepaper. How I would run to the mailbox, I recall, while at college waiting for that love letter, or interesting clipped news article from home in a card from mom and dad. How often does that happen now? What keepsakes of conversations are being created today?
I guess that the image of this post is one, precious "brave new world" memento. One that I wouldn't want to lose. One treasure of time shared. One image that bridged aching hearts and thousands of miles. It also gave me a glimpse of the artist of the future, of my granddaughter, as intense as her grandma, carrying on with a tradition of hand, heart and mind, that humanity can't afford to have become obsolete.
Welcome brave new world technology. Gladly, I will share the pen and ink with the monitor on my desk.

Thanks for visiting with me this past year, I raise a toast of kindness and good wishes to you all as the new year approaches with yet more hope for treasures of time well spent.

I will begin the New Year postings with a lotto for the respondents to the first post of 2011.  Be on the look out. You may be the recipient of one of my small works in oil.
See you then!
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