Monday, December 06, 2010

Still Life with Bottles and Vintage blocks

                                           Half MT©2010 C.L.Burgess
                                                  oil on canvas 18 x 14
Half full or half MT?
I liked painting this very much,still like it and contrary to the title did not feel too sad when making it happen. However, I was told that people reacted to the colors and title and since it suggested sadness, would not want to buy it.
What do you think about that?
 I told my gallery director that not all images should be bright and cheery. Melancholy in the artist often finds shape on the canvas even without the artist's conscious intent.  That is what art helps us with death and morbidity and like Hank Williams...with broken hearts.
 I titled this after the making, as it suggested itself to me and then put the blocks in.
But I played around with music that might be played when viewing this and truly, all that fit the image was Cold Cold Heart or  the theme to Schindler's list.
Okay, so I can't be up all the time. And I don't paint to match sofas.
Where are you Carol? I need some  moxie, chutspah and upbeat comments from NYC!!!
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