Friday, January 21, 2011

Portrait of a Young Woman

Morgan©2011 C.L.Burgess 16 x 12 oil on linen

It is so wonderful to get back into the portrait studio to do the three hour alla prima. I have been away from it for about three months and have missed it so much.
Morgan is one of my favorite models. She herself is a senior sculpture student. She loves to watch me paint her, she said. And she always likes my renditions of her which gives me great satisfaction. Sometimes, she even lets us know if we need to ratchet up the color etc and since she is knowledgeable we do not mind the advice. That is the fun part of painting people. Getting to know them.
I  used a different palette this time. Venetian red, cad red, alizaron crimson, yellow ochre, cobalt blue and viridian, ivory black and titanium white. My under painting was venetian mixed with a little blue and some neo megilp.
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